Mozilla Bangladesh Online Privacy Talk @ BRAC University


With the significant amount of dependency on Internet is making our lifestyle much easier whereas we are forgetting about the most important issue which is Privacy. People of different ages and different backgrounds are getting involved with Internet service and unconsciously putting their privacy in a great risk!!! Many of them are not aware about all those issues at all. Therefore, as a part of Mozilla Bangladesh Online Privacy Talk” here in BRAC University, an event was organised by BRAC University Firefox Club on 3rd of January, 2016 in BRAC University Cafeteria.

Pranjal Chakraborty, Lead of BRAC University Firefox Club, conducted the session where a bunch of energetic faces participated on the open discussion regarding privacy issue.  At the beginning of the talk, he delivered a short idea about the events running all over the country per-ally entitled the same topic. Later on, he opened the floor for everyone.

Discussion going on..!!

At the second stage of the event, we started talking about the problems we are facing or we might face at any moment as because of not being aware of privacy issue over internet. We have shared our experiences of being harassed of not being aware of privacy. We made lists of problems that can be reduce only ensuring privacy more securely.

Final stage of the discussion was about providing solutions and suggestions to crate more awareness among the generation. We emphasized more on making aware of those people who have vary few or even have not any idea about what might happen with them regarding privacy. Taking ought of being more aware and making people more aware on the issue, Pranjal Chakraborty concluded the session.

Myself Abdullah Umar Nasib, Bir Bollove, Rezaul Haque, Jaber Rahman, Abdullah, Falguni Sanayal Jui, Sadia Chowdhury, Zannatul Ferdous, Shamiha Choowdury, Tabassum Binte Azad, Irin Sultana and others were participated in the event. Fahia Nasnin Mim, co-lead of BRAC University Firefox Club joined later with Fazle Rabbi.

Few links regarding this event goes below:

1. Mozilla Bangladesh Blog Post

2. Facebook Event

3. Hash Tag : #MozillaBDPrivacyWeek , #‎Advocate4Privacy‬


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