MozCoffee Dhaka Meetup 2016


On January 29 2016, MozCoffee Dhaka Meetup 2016 has been organized in NewCred Dhaka by the Mozillian Community of Bangladesh. About 39 FSAs joined the programe from 13 different Firefox Clubs. Among them 9 club leaders were there to make the Meetup more successful. Throughout the session the organizers emphasized on some upcoming events of next 5-6 months which includes FSA Session, Privacy Week and so on. Around 3.30 PM the session was started with introducing among ourselves which was basically a ice-breaking session. Seven groups with 4 members each was formed for sharing ideas about #Privacy Week. A short presentation on those ideas attracted the FSAs effectively. S Muhammad Mohi-Us Sunnat, Regional Ambassador Lead, Bangladesh was one of the highlighted person on the session. 


Around 4.30 PM Mahay Alam Khan vaiya started his speech and experiences of recent Leader Summit in Singapore. Md. Anisur Rahman vaiya conducted next session and devided the Mozillians into few groups based on their contribution area such as QA, SUMO, FSA & Firefoz OS etc. Groups discussed among themselvs by the monitoring of the lead of the contributing area and fixed some goals and mission which they will be achieving within next June, 2016. The session was ended with cheering for Mozillian Bangladesh Community at 7.00 PM sharp.

Pranjal Chakraborty, Lead of BRAC University Firefox Club was present there with his team of Abdullah Umar Nasib, Fazle Rabbi, Hasna Hena, Nafiur Rahman and Amlan Biswas. 

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Abdullah Umar Nasib

BRAC University Firefox Club


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